Niagara Selected as Demonstration Pilot Site for Integrated Local Labour Market Planning (ILLMP)

In June 2008, Niagara was selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as one of seven demonstration pilot areas as part of the Employment Ontario implementation of the Integrated Local Labour Market Planning framework (ILLMP). This framework recognizes that government is responsible for its programs and budgets but responds to a plan developed within a culture of coordination and shared accountability, endorsed and supported by community, business leaders and other provincial, federal and municipal governments.

The inaugural Niagara Labour Market Planning Committee was formed with a mandate to guide and influence a local, community-based planning process, address current labour supply and demand needs, and anticipate future needs from an evidence-based perspective.

The planning and consultation for A Vision in Action was grounded in a process that ensured a broad outreach to local businesses, job seekers, educators, community agencies and other stakeholders. Over 1,000 individuals were consulted through targeted meetings, e.g. business associations, labour groups etc, and facilitated community meetings (English and French) open to the public and held across the region.

This integrated local labour market planning initiative was facilitated by Niagara Workforce Planning Board, serving in a secretariat role.

The planning and consultation process resulted in the creation of a five-year strategic labour market action plan for Niagara. The Niagara Labour Market Plan 2009-2013…A Vision in Action was released September 15, 2009.

Below you will find links to various documents related to the planning and consultation process, including meeting summaries, presentations, and interim reports. 

Building the Foundation - Community Forum Results - April 7, 2009

Top 3 Priority Tactics Summary - April 7, 2009

Community Forum - April 7th, 2009: Presentation

Building the Foundation - Strategic Themes, Priorities and Actions

Niagara's Vision in Action - Influencing Impact Through Integrated Planning

Ministry of Community, Social Services - Niagara Demonstration Projects

ILLMP COMMUNITY DISCUSSION PAPER...Informing Actions and Priorities

Pre-Consultation Labour Market Snapshot

Community Consultation Meetings

Labour Consultation Meeting - April 15, 2009

Agency Executive Directors Meeting - April 14, 2009

St. Catharines & District Labour Council Meeting - April 1, 2009

Niagara Industrial Association Meeting - November 20, 2008

Niagara Hospitality Human Resources Professionals Association Meeting - October 15, 2008

Niagara Home Builders Association Meeting - October 14, 2008

Community Consultation Presentations

NWPB Presentation - ILLMP Stakeholder Meeting - January 27, 2009

Ron Painter, CEO, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board - January 27, 2009

English Presentation

French Presentation

Employment Support Agencies Consultations/Presentations

EDs Breakfast Presentation - December 2008

Employment Agency Survey Results - EDs Breakfast December 2008

Integrated Local Labour Market Planning

A Vision in Action...Community Consultation Report

ILLMP Fact Sheet - October 2008
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities - Letter to Stakeholders

Ministry of Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities - ILLMP Overview

Local Labour Market Planning Committee

Bunny Alexander Yolanda Baldasaro
Ray Bourassa John Bragagnolo 
Michael Bronzi Tim Clutterbuck
Diane Dubois Gyslaine Hunter-Perreault
Brian Hutchings Marilyn Hyatt
Jack Lightstone John McCann
Terry McMahon Trudy Parsons
Daniel Peat Dan Patterson
Walter Sendzik Mike Trojan 


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