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NOC: 7251
Plumbers install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution and waste water disposal in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are employed in maintenance departments of factories, plants and similar establishments, by plumbing contractors, or they may be self-employed.
Essential Skill Level Required Example Task
Reading Text 1 to 3 Reads brochures from suppliers to obtain information on materials (1)
    Reads health and safety notices posted on bulletin boards to comply with related policies and procedures (2)
    Reads manuals to install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures and systems (3)
Document Use 1 to 4 Reads assembly drawings to install fixtures and appliances (2)
    May use conversion tables provided in trade-related training materials to convert Metric measures to Imperial measures (3)
    Interprets blueprints to check locations of piping and catch basins for drainage systems (4)
Writing 1 to 2 May write lists of materials required for a particular job (1)
    May complete incident reports (2)
*Numeracy 1 to 3 May collect payment and give change (1)
    Determines materials and supplies needed to complete a project (2)
    Calculates the total load on a drainage system using a conversion factor (3)
Oral Communication 1 to 2 Talks to suppliers about the availability of parts (1)
    Mentors apprentices to assist them in building skills on the job (2)
Computer Use 2 May use word processing software for client correspondence (2)
Thinking Skills 1 to 3 Encounter time-management problems when completing tasks or repairs (1)
    Troubleshoots plumbing problems to develop the best action required (2)
    Identifies and resolves the root cause of a sewer back up (3)
Thinking Skills - Problem Solving Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Decision Making Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Critical Thinking Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Job Task Planning and Organizing Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Significant Use of Memory Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Finding Information Data currently being updated
Working with Others N/A Mostly works in pairs and may work/direct apprentices
Continuous Learning Must maintain current knowledge of codes, regulations, standards, and materials
Other Aspects Physical Being physically fit and not fear heights or enclosed spaces
    Must be very safety conscious and reliable, responsible, and productive
    Must continually update knowledge of regulations and new technologies
*Numeracy includes: Money Math, Scheduling or Budgeting and Accounting Math, Measurement and Calculation Math, and Numerical Estimation.
**Thinking Skills include: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Job Task Planning and Organizing, Significant Use of Memory, and Finding Information.
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Average Salary: 24.5
Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca
To Be successful in this position, a person may need:
Literacy & Basic Skills, Grade 12, College/Apprenticeship
Source: HRSDC
Most Important Skills:
Document Use, Oral Communication , Problem Solving
Source: HRSDC
Age Profiles

Age Bracket Age Profile
15 to 24 70
25 to 44 205
45 to 64 210
65 plus 50
Employment Trends

With the growth in the tourist industry in the Niagara Region, accompanying growth in housing and related businesses is expected to continue through 2007-2009.

Jobs in the plumbing trades are determined primarily by the existing stock of piping that must be maintained and the amount of new construction and renovation work.

Technological advances in plumbing are creating the need for higher skills. Computer literacy is important, as the use of computers in drawing, estimating, coordination and cost reporting related to plumbing expands. Increasingly, computer-controlled equipment is being utilized on the job. The plumbing trade is changing through increased installation of integrated plumbing systems in home construction, an increase in prefabrication, and new plastics and joining technologies in gas and water piping. More sophisticated measuring devices are being introduced and better material handling and joining methods are being developed. Licensed plumbers who also hold a gas fitter's certificate will have better job prospects.

Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca
Top Occupational Areas

Sector Number Employed in Niagara Percentage
23 Construction 395 83.16%
31-33 Manufacturing 45 9.47%
61 Educational services 20 4.21%
44-45 Retail trade 15 3.16%
Source: Niagara Workforce Planning Board
Related Occupations

Gas Fitters (7253), Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler System Installers (7252), Supervisors of plumbers (in 7213 Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades)

Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca