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Painters and Decorators
NOC: 7294
Painters and decorators apply paint, wallpaper and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures. They are employed by construction companies, painting contractors and building maintenance contractors, or they may be self-employed.
Essential Skill Level Required Example Task
Reading Text 1 to 2 Read notes and memos from company (1)
    Read permits (2)
Document Use 1 to 2 Read lists of materials (1)
    Complete timesheets on weekly basis (2)
Writing 1 Sign for materials received (1)
*Numeracy 1 Measure out quantities of paint and other materials (1)
Oral Communication 1 to 3 Talk to co-workers to determine who will complete which task (1)
    Ask and respond to questions about application of materials (2)
    May present safety information to large or small groups (3)
Computer Use 2 May use internet or computer to look up product information (2)
Thinking Skills 1 to 3 Decide what to do next when a task is complete (1)
    Decide how to prepare surface for painting (2)
    Figure out what to do when a product does not perform (3)
Thinking Skills - Problem Solving Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Decision Making Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Critical Thinking Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Job Task Planning and Organizing Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Significant Use of Memory Data currently being updated
Thinking Skills - Finding Information Data currently being updated
Working with Others Part of a team, but may complete work alone
Continuous Learning Learn product knowledge through on the job training
Other Aspects Physical N/A
    Reliability, patience and flexibility are important
    Move towards more environmentally friendly products
*Numeracy includes: Money Math, Scheduling or Budgeting and Accounting Math, Measurement and Calculation Math, and Numerical Estimation.
**Thinking Skills include: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Job Task Planning and Organizing, Significant Use of Memory, and Finding Information.
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Average Salary: 18.48
Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca
To Be successful in this position, a person may need:
Literacy & Basic Skills, Grade 12, College/Apprenticeship
Source: HRSDC
Most Important Skills:
Oral Communication, Problem Solving, Job Task Planning
Source: HRSDC
Age Profiles

Age Bracket Age Profile
15 to 24 90
25 to 44 220
45 to 64 165
65 plus 0
Employment Trends

Information not available at this time

Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca
Top Occupational Areas

Sector Number Employed in Niagara Percentage
23 Construction 420 91.30%
31-33 Manufacturing 15 3.26%
61 Educational services 15 3.26%
48-49 Transportation and warehousing 10 2.17%
Source: Niagara Workforce Planning Board
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Source: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca